FLOOD: Lyon County still dealing with flooding

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YERINGTON, Nev. (KOLO) - Crews in southeast Dayton, Mark Twain, Stagecoach and portions of Silver Springs are still dealing with flooding and flowing water in culverts. Road Crews are working to repair culverts so drivers can get out of homes. Search and Rescue personnel and Nevada Division of Forestry crews are responding to flooded properties and sandbagging where necessary.

The Rawe Peak communications repeater is functioning on battery backup. Crews have been to the site using a bulldozer to clear snow and make the road passable. Due to heavy snow and rain, the generator's block heater failed. Private vendors that have equipment on the site have reported their batteries have failed. Lyon County is hopeful to have the generator functional Thursday. There is no ETA from NV Energy about when power will be reestablished to the site.

The Road Department, Facilities Department and NDOT are working to clear roads and sidewalks.

Wednesday, Lyon County initiated its reverse calling system to notify the public of significant mud flow and standing water on the majority of the County Roads in central Lyon County.

Pottassi Road and Rancho Road in east Dayton Valley have significant water flowing down them with numerous structures threatened.

The Dayton shelter is open as a precaution and to ensure that people affected by river flooding have a safe place to stay. Lyon County has been advised it can expect high water for a long duration. People going to the shelter are reminded to have any medication with them.

The county is urging people to avoid the riverbanks. The Carson River's flow is swift and turbulent, and could see dramatic changes as the water level rises and falls.

Roads closed:
• Kiowla and Seminole
• Pueblo & Esmerelda

• Ruby Avenue Closed
• Opal Avenue Closed

• Valley Circle- 8 Plex with water on first floor of homes
• Dayton Valley (Across the Bridge) Standing water from 6” to 3’
• The following roads are closed:
- Dayton Toll Road
- Branstetter
- Ricci Road
- Rosepeak Road
- Rivers Road
- Lower Portion of Sandifer
• The following roads are marked water over roadway
- Pinecone
- V & T Way
- Mark Twain Way
- Flowery
- Champions Road

• Gold Canyon Creek along Dayton Toll Road-stabilized
• Highway 342 has been closed at the Y by NDOT
• Storey County will be providing mutual aid for Fire and Law Enforcement
• Sand and sandbags have been deployed to the Y of 341 & 342 Highway for Silver City Residents

• Several residents West of 50A/95A on Sage Street are threatened.
• Roads closed Summer Wind Road at Ponderosa Park
• NDF crews are assisting with sandbagging