Dorm life costs

RENO, Nev (KOLO) August 24, 2017 was “Move In” day at the UNR campus, where students spent the day moving into their dorm rooms. They obviously pay to stay there, but there are additional expenses where local retailers are more than happy to help out.

UNR freshman Joseph Murphy and his mom Jennifer and dad Steve are packed to the gills and headed to Peavine Hall, where Joseph will be spending his first year in college. Once checked in, the team heads upstairs and starts to unpack personal items and recommended items for the room.

With social media Joseph knows his two other roommates, which means they've already got a plan.

“I worked it out with my roommates, I bought the refrigerator for the room; the other roommate brought the microwave,” says Joseph

A great way to cut the costs of moving into a dorm room--and not unusual.

Joseph's mom says she spent about $500 in linens, detergent, power strip and other items to make the room comfortable. The biggest expense, she says, was the fridge.

Based on talking to other parents, it appears she got off cheap. One parent we talked to spent twice as much on her daughter.

Some parents and students speculate women have more costs then men when it comes to dorm life. They may care more about decor, and spend more on cleaning items and toiletries.

Undoubtedly, students and their parents will forget something or realize an item is needed to complete the room.

Local retailers like Home Depot say this is a busy time of year for them for certain items.

“Cleaning supplies, light bulbs, extension cords the most, yeah,” says Dennis McClure from Home Depot

One volunteer student who helped families move in tells us dorm rooms and stuff are the least of a freshman's worries.

“I think they are prepared with all the stuff they have. But not mentally for what they are going into,” says Nick Pugliano.

The director of residents says a total of 3,000 dorm rooms were filled to the max Wednesday, August 24, 2017. More than half of them are like Joseph’s, three people to a room.