Deliciousness delivered: UberEATS arrives in Reno

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- If you want take-out food, but don’t want to go through the hassle of picking it up, there’s a new service available: UberEATS.

"That food can be delivered to you in about 35 minutes with the reliability that is synonymous with Uber," said Clay Carroll, general manager of UberEATS Nevada. "We are launching today with roughly 50 restaurants, but we are going to be adding restaurants every single week."

You order by going to the UberEATS app, putting in your location and picking a restaurant. The menu items are the same as they are in-store and they have the same price. All orders are charged a flat $5.99 delivery fee.

"Um, it is exciting," said Ryan Goldhammer, owner of Noble Pie. "We are looking forward to a system where we are able to focus more on what we do best which is making Reno’s best pizza."

Noble Pie used to do its own delivery but it was costly and it took an employee out of the kitchen. UberEATS is much more simple.

Once an order is placed, the restaurant gets to work making the food. When it is ready a notification is sent to the driver, who comes in, picks it up and delivers it to the customer.

"I am hoping that it increases volume," said Goldhammer. "If we are increasing them (deliveries) by 500% then it works out."

Goldhammer says UberEATS does come with some risks. Restaurants have to pay 35% of the total order to Uber.

If it is any consolation to skeptics, restaurants in more than a hundred cities have taken up the platform.

UberEATS says there are about 50 Reno restaurants on the platform right now, but not all of those can be accessed from everywhere in town. In an effort to keep costs down, and food fresh, UberEATS only delivers to places within a few miles of a restaurant.