Could you have hidden storm damage?

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Reno, Nev. (KOLO) "The kids got carried and the grown-ups waded through the water up to their thighs," says Jessica Chandler, referring to how her family left their south Reno home Sunday night when the water on their street kept rising.

So when her family returned home Monday, they couldn't believe how great the home looked.

"We were pleasantly surprised," says Chandler. "All the water was gone."

But it turns out there was more than a foot of water lurking underneath. Her family didn't realize it until the heater wouldn't turn on. They found out it was because the vents under the house were full of water.

"A lot of people have no idea their house is flooded. The sewer lines back up or their crawl spaces fill up and then they have no idea until they see water seeping through the walls or in their basements or water shutting off their heaters like we saw in this case," says Brennen Carruth, with REDS Fire and Flood.

And it's not just crawl spaces. There could be water in the walls or extra moisture in the floors. Sometimes, flood damage is not obvious at first, but if it's not found early and treated quickly, it could cause serious problems and mold issues later on.

"Even if you didn't think you flooded, or your roads weren't wet, definitely check because water is a weird thing and water can travel in unique ways and get into weird places," says Carruth. So definitely give it a look."