Construction begins on townhomes in Midtown

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- A project bringing more places to live in Midtown officially started construction September 15, 2017.

The “Tonopah Lofts” is at the corner of Pueblo and Tonopah Streets and construction crews didn't waste any time moving dirt to make the empty lot a reality in a district that has seen a lot of change.

"It's the Midtown area; it's the hottest area in the city," said Blake Smith, managing Partner, S3 Development Company.

The company is building eight townhomes that each feature two master bedrooms, a large kitchen area, a deck on the second floor and a rooftop outdoor living area.

"They deliver a simple lifestyle, low maintenance, but with unlimited amenities around them for what you can do in the evening and days," said Smith.

He says projects like “Tonopah Lofts” are new to the area.

"This will be something that is developed in Newport Beach or Portland, Oregon. I think that is a trend that is happening in Reno," said Smith.

This is the second phase of a project. Just a few feet away, S3 Development bought a lot it redeveloped for commercial use and opened about a year ago. Now the company is looking to finish building the backside of the property.

The residential development is expected to cost around $3.5 million and it should be completed by April 2018.

You can see the design by clicking here.