Celebrating a 'Lucky' Day in Carson City

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - It took 65 years to get to this day and for most of those days, Glenn Lucky has been feeling pretty lucky. His positive attitude and determination have been inspiring others around him.

"He's a go-getter!" says Rae Dear, a longtime friend and neighbor of Lucky. "He's kind of a fixture in the town and the community and they want to celebrate 65 years of what Glenn's been doing."

Wednesday, the Nevada State Museum held a birthday party for Lucky that attracted dozens of community members and friends. Not only is the Carson City-area man well-known in the community; his story is legendary.

Lucky was diagnosed with cerebral palsey as a child, but the disorder which can affect movement and posture never hampered his spirit or resolve. In fact, he made headlines in 1988 when he rode his custom-built tricycle from Carson City to Washington, D.C. to increase public awareness of birth defects and raise money for research. He gave that tricycle to the museum where it has been showcased since last year.

"I've watched it from families and adults go and look at it. I've seen mothers talk to their kids and I'm thinking to myself, they're explaining a tremendous story of someone who set a goal, an incredible goal," says Bob Nylen, Curator of History for the Nevada State Museum. "I just think it's inspirational."

And now, there's another display at the museum to show off Lucky's place in Nevada history: the Olympic torch he carried through Carson City leading to the Winter Games in Salt Lake City in 2002. While that was 15 years ago, it's clear Lucky is keeping the same speed in life.

"Nothing's gonna slow him down," says Dear. "He's ready to go and if you're willing to go, he'll have you!"

Lucky says all the attention Wednesday at the crowded party was overwhelming and amazing. It brought tears to his eyes. He wanted to let people know that staying upbeat and persevering are key to living an inspirational life.

"Don't give up on life," Lucky says, smiling. "Move on, have a good time and have a positive attitude."