Carson Sheriff's Office warns of law enforcement scam

Telephone scam graphic by MGN.
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about law enforcement-related telephone scams after receiving numerous complaint calls.

Investigators say the scam involves someone contacting you, claiming to work for local law enforcement and you have a warrant or a fine to pay off. The caller will tell you it can all be handled over the phone with payment by a credit card.

In some occurrences the caller will tell people they have missed a jury summons and they owe a fine. The telephone number provided by the caller has a recording stating you have contacted either the Sheriff’s Office or a Fines/Fees location with the courts.

CCSO says local courts and the Sheriff’s Office will never contact you in this manner to address an issue with missing a jury summons.

In many of these scams, scammers will want the victim to send the money in a gift card, iTunes card or money gram, or by wiring money in some way. No government agency will ask you to send money in this form of payment.