Busy weekend at car washes as burners return home

RENO, Nev (KOLO) -- For employees at Sierra Franktown Car Wash & Detailing, Sunday was a long day.

"We have been like this since 8 o'clock this morning," said Loren Marklend, Sierra Franktown Car Wash & Detailing Manager.

The staff of 20 has been washing and detailing the inside and outside of cars and RV’s as they remove the playa dust.

"We have everyone on staff. There are no days off right now. It's crazy," said Marklend.

He says Sunday alone, staff serviced between 150 and 200 cars. Detailing the interior takes about three hours, while a complete detail could last up to five. Burners realize the impact the dust has on their vehicles.

"We knew what to expect. You can either take care, you are not getting the dust into your cars, but it's a big effort," said Ralf Bickel.

"Just like we leave the playa, completely empty after we leave. We want the cars to be clean, we want the RV's to be clean, we want Reno to go back to normal," said Thomas Graham.

The large numbers of people visiting car wash locations is expected to remain steady until Friday.

An estimated 70,000 people took part in Burning Man this year.

"Every single person would enjoy burning, even if they went once and never want to go again. It would change their lives for the better," said Graham.

"People are coming together in the same spirit and that is what it makes so fascinating," said Bickel.

Employees at Sierra Franktown Car Wash & Detailing welcome the rush as their job has gotten easier, when compared to just two years ago.

"When I first started, it was all by hand, but now be have air guns and everything like that. It's a lot easier now, thankfully," said Marklend.