Bernie Sanders Revs Up Crowd In Reno, Calling for "Political Revolution"

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RENO, NV - Bernie Sanders made several stops through Reno Sunday afternoon, introducing his platform as Nevadans prepare for the caucuses in February. The senator sat down with KOLO 8 News Now's Catherine Van in an exclusive interview on how he plans to help Nevadans if he gets elected.

From the big public rally to the smaller gatherings with local unions and seniors, Senator Bernie Sanders was greeted with one packed house to the next.

"Here in Reno, we see a lot of young people and I think what we've seen all over the country is a lot of excitement among young people and I'm very proud of that," he said.

Many of the supporters were young people who want to know if their education is paying off, something Sanders says needs to be re-emphasized in Nevada, which is a state that's consistently ranked dead last for its efforts. Sanders proposes to revolutionize education and make public universities and colleges free.

"Kids in the 4th grade and 6th grade, they will know that if they study hard and take their school work seriously, they will be able to go to college."

He even commented that the hotly-debated Common Core curriculum is working, but needs to be tweaked.

"Education is still designed locally and major decisions are made locally. I think Common Core holding up principles and goals and expectations is fine."

Sanders says the main priority in Nevada is its economy. While the state is recovering from the recession, he says big businesses can hurt it again.

"Understanding what Wall Street can do to millions and millions of people as a result of their greed and illegal behavior are something the people of Nevada have not forgotten."

In a state that is pro-gun, he wants to keep them out of the hands of criminals.

"What we have to do is expand and improve the instant background check system so, we make sure that if you buy the gun, you should own that gun and know what to do with that gun."

While doing away with assault rifles won't solve the problem, he says it will be a step forward.

He says his values align with most Nevadans, including keeping public lands public and keep nuclear waste from Yucca Mountain.

Although he wants to win, he says his goal is to revitalize American democracy and get the people out and vote.

"When we stand together, we can create a government which represents all of us and not just a handful of billionaires."

Sanders ends his two-day tour of Nevada in Las Vegas Monday.