Mother searches for answers on how daughter ended up in Truckee River

RENO, Nev (KOLO) -- April 18, 2017, Barbara Ponsock saw her world turn upside down as she watched the 4:30 news.

"I saw a side view of her face and I was like, is that Amber. Is that my daughter?" asked Barbara Ponsock, Amber’s mother.

She wasn't sure, so she did her own investigation and found out, yes it was.

28-year-old Amber was rescued near Glendale Park in Sparks and taken to Renown Regional Medical Center. Ponsock says since Amber did not have any identification on her, she had to identify a tattoo on her body.

Since the incident, Amber has been in the ICU because of lack of oxygen flowing to her brain.

"MRI says it's not great. She has severe brain damage," said Ponsock.

Ponsock says when she saw Amber at the hospital, she did have a few wounds on her face and she doesn't think those marks came from the river. Now, Ponsock wants to know the real story.

She and her family have heard rumors from three parties that say Amber was with someone before she had to be rescued from the Truckee River.

"Everything has been the same. The story has been the same. Nothing has changed. She didn't go unwillingly (sic), she was pushed," said Ponsock.

A police report was filed to get Reno Police to further investigate the incident.

Ponsock says it has been really hard for Amber's four kids, especially the youngest.

"We asked him if he wanted to see her and he said yeah he did. He has just not been the same. He has been really sad," said Ponsock.

Ponsock knows her daughter has a long road to recovery, but she says she has faith Amber will pull through. But she also wants to know what ensued that day.

"Anybody that have seen anything, you need to contact somebody because we need to find out what happen to my daughter," said Ponsock.