4th Street begins its transformation

RENO, Nev (KOLO) Call it the sound of progress. The Carriage Inn coming down as 4th Street undergoes a major facelift.

The building was vacated months ago; transient tenants were living in dirty and unsafe conditions before they were relocated.

“Certainly very disturbing to me. There is no way any individual should be living in a motel to this degree. It was really unfathomable, actually. And so it was really a property the city had identified and said this is one of our big issues,” says Mayor Hillary Schieve, referring to the final days of the Carriage Inn.

In a public private partnership, the city of Reno along with Jacobs Entertainment will be developing the south side of west 4th Street.

Run down, and the site of 606 emergency calls since 2014, all parties say it’s time for a change.

Jeff Jacobs says he wants to attract travelers coming off Interstate 80.

“We want to create an iconic entrance back into Reno. Particularly for people coming in from California. It could be something like the Fountain District where we might have some fountains on the street,” says Jacobs.

Jacobs says the Carriage Inn is the first to go; another motel behind it will also be demolished, as well as a house. The area will be cleared so that commercial development, market-priced housing, and then affordable housing can all exist on this nearly four-block area.

Traffic, too, may be changed to include roundabouts.

Jacobs says they may seek permission to include special lighting in the area as well. There are no artist’s renderings or solid plans in place, however. For that we will have to wait until spring of 2018.