Nevada snowpack at 100% of normal

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MT. ROSE, Nev. (KOLO) -- This was the best winter we've had in years. A snow survey Friday, April 1, 2015 revealed the Truckee Basin will end the snow-season at 100% of normal.

"It is great news. After 4 years of drought, we have not seen snow like this since 2011," said Jeff Anderson, Hydrologist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

April 1st is significant because it is typically when we see the peak snowpack for the season. That fact held true for this survey. Anderson found 111 inches of snow at the Mt. Rose site.

"If you were to melt that down it would be 42.1 inches of water content which is 114% of normal for this time of year," said Anderson.

Throughout the entire Truckee basin the totals are a little lower at 100% of normal which is still excellent.

"This is money in the bank. We have made it to an average amount and there is still is a possibility of more storms in April," said Anderson.

We're in a drastically better place than we were last year when the same snow survey found us at 36% of normal at the Mt. Rose Summit.

The good news from this snow survey will translate to good news this summer on the river.

"It has been a long time coming. Hopefully we continue this trend," said Patrick Fritchel, Engineer with the Federal Water Master’s Office.

He says flows should be normal in the Truckee through September.

"(It is a big deal) considering last year when you could walk across the river. I don't think you will be able to do it safely this year," said Fritchel

The snow is also proving positive for Lake Tahoe which is still an inch below its natural rim. With an efficient run-off we could see the lake rise by a foot sometime this summer.