13-year-old hit at Silver Lake crosswalk

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - A 13-year-old girl has only minor injuries after being hit by a car August 7, 2017, the first day of school in Washoe County. Reno police say the girl was in a clearly-marked crosswalk on her way to school. One resident in the area says he’s been expecting this for a while.

The crosswalk is not only clearly marked, but has flashing lights; nevertheless, a driver hit the teen as she crossed the street.

“It’s a nightmare out here,” says Stead resident Don Cordier.

The incident doesn't surprise Cordier. He says in his nine years here, he's seen the traffic get worse and worse on Stead Boulevard alone.

”Obviously wrecks because this is an intersection of wrecks. And then you have people trying to use the crosswalks and then you think you have the right of way. Well I'm going to tell you right now you don't,” says Cordier to drivers who don’t yield to people in the crosswalk.

Cordier says the school zone there is a long one. Often, drivers who have just come off the freeway don't slow down. Some drivers who know what they are in store for, Cordier says, avoid all of this by taking the back side of the strip mall.

“That is against the law for people intentionally pull into a driveway or parking lot something like that to avoid hitting a traffic control device,” says Officer Tim Broadway with Reno Police Department.

The intersection at Silver Lake and Stead Boulevard has a new sign for drivers trying to go south on Stead. There is now no right turn on a red light. Still, many driver didn't abide by the law.

“Obviously they can't read or can't see, it says do not turn on red. And they come up to this light, and I've watched it from my window, and they sometimes race from this light to the end of the school zone,” says Cordier.

Cordier says he's talked to everyone from school police to the Reno mayor to the governor. And no one has done a thing. Officer Broadway says if other residents in the area have the same observations, Reno PD wants to hear from you.

“We definitely want citizens to contact Reno Direct to get us the information so that we can properly place our traffic officers in those areas,” says Officer Broadway.

In the meantime, Broadway says Reno Police would like anyone with information on the driver of a red passenger car, possibly a Nissan, who struck the teen in the crosswalk to come forward.