Moms on the Run fundraiser runs in October

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - For the past five years, Saint Mary’s Fitness Center has hosted a fundraiser for Moms on the Run during the month of October. This year, the fundraiser has a new look!

Burpees for Bosoms will run October 2-27 and offers four ways for people in our community to get involved.

There will be weekly workouts people can sign up for and complete on their own at the Fitness Center (non-members included).

Fitness Center members and members of the community can “torture” trainers by donating money toward burpees that the trainers will complete ($1 equates to one burpee).

People can pledge to raise money and participate in burpees with trainers at the end of October.

Everyone is invited to purchase ribbons to honor friends and loved ones.

The fundraiser is designed in a way that everyone from our community can get involved. Fundraising goal is to reach $5,000 for Moms on the Run this October. Moms on the Run provides assistance throughout the year for members of our Cancer Rehabilitation Program, so the Fitness Center loves to give back!

Fundraising begins October 2, 2017 (participants can get involved any time after October 25 through October 27) at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center service desk, 645 N. Arlington Ave. Suite 100.

Ways to Raise:
• Sign up to participate in the weekly workouts.
• Torture the trainers by throwing money in their jars - $1 equals one burpee.
• Take the pledge to raise your own funds to do burpees with the trainers.
• Purchase a ribbon to honor a friend or loved one.

October 27, join the group on the Reno Plaza from 9-11AM to watch the group do the Thriller dance.