Steps of a charitable marketing plan

By: Pete Parker Email
By: Pete Parker Email

Non-profit marketing involves the activities and strategies employed by a nonprofit organization that are designed to spread the message of the organization, as well as to solicit donations and call for volunteers. It involves the creation of logos, slogans and copy, as well as the development of a media campaign to expose the organization to an outside audience.

Non-profit leaders developing marketing strategies may want to consider the following steps:
• Adopt a customer-centered focus. Assume your customer is constantly asking, "What's in it for me?"
• Segment and target markets. One possible type of segmentation is people as: innovators, who are the most venturesome; early adopters, who adopt new ideas early but carefully; early majority, who are deliberate in their adoption of new products; late majority, who are skeptical and adopt a product only after a majority have tried it; laggards, who are suspicious of change.
• Identify the competition. A narrow focus would define competitors as organizations offering similar products and services. A wider focus would include organizations or activities that customers and potential customers use to fulfill the same need.
• Utilize the 4 Ps available in the marketing mix. They are product, price (any valuables a customer "gives up" in the exchange process), place, promotion.
• Monitor efforts and make adjustments. This begins with ensuring that systems are in place to do these things.

The marketing plan is designed to shape new programs or make existing programs more relevant and, at the same time reach out and engage new audiences. The end result is the positioning of an organization to better address organizational and community needs and opportunities.

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